Proceedings of 18th World Business Research Conference

2nd Nov, 2017 – 3rd Nov, 2017

Hotel Carlton, San Francisco, USA

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San Francisco Conference 2017 Nov

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Papers contained in these proceedings are refereed papers as they are double blind peer reviewed. The readers are advised to click on individual track names (say Management) and then select the paper by the paper number, title and or author (s). We have tried to minimize the errors but sole responsibility rests on the author(s) concerned. In some cases, we have provided "abstract" only as per instruction of the concerned author(s). We hope these papers would serve as the most valuable materials for business research only and no materials should be used or manipulated for any purpose other than purely academic research. We appreciate the contribution of the author(s) and our editorial staff who worked relentlessly to make the conference an outstanding success.

Paper No. Paper Title Author / Authors Download Link
101 Dilemma in Valuation for Affordable Housing: Seeking Model with Mathematical Certainty for Tax Assessment Yelin (Jenny) Li, Lisa Chen and Zlatinka Blaber View & Download
Paper No. Paper Title Author / Authors Download Link
601 CAPM on Segmented Markets: A Synthesis, an Extension and an Application to Islamic Financial Markets Ahmed Badreldin and Bernhard Nietert View & Download
Paper No. Paper Title Author / Authors Download Link
201 Environmental Sustainability, Energy Security and Willingness to Pay for Green Electricity in Northern Nigeria Ahmed Ado, Shittu O I, Okoye Ul and Okoh Johnson Ifeanyi View & Download
203 “Natural” Exit from Quantitative Easing E. Foyou, N. Cadelano, F. Martin and R. Savasta View & Download
Paper No. Paper Title Author / Authors Download Link
304 Firms’ Investment in Back-up Generators: A Survey of Small and Medium Scale Enterprises in North-East Nigeria A. Ahmed, M. K. Haruna, N. Yusuf and Uchenna Ol View & Download
307 The Impact of Financial Analyst’s Contradictory Opinions Jun Wang, Cunyu Xing, Dan Yang and Ge Zhang View & Download
310 Using Event Studies to Evaluate Stock Market Return Performance Alhassan Ndekugri and Gordana Pesakovic View & Download
313 Does CEO Duality Affect Board Independence? Moderating Impact of Type of Firms, Blockholders and Concentrated Founder Ownership Shashank Bansal and M. Thenmozhi View & Download
314 The Exchange Rate and the Impact on the Natural Hedge of Companies in the Food, Beverage and Tobacco Subsector Listed on the Mexican Stock Exchange (BMV) Morales Castro Arturo , Pena Ortiz Deysi Carmina , Torres Santiago Nancy and Velázquez Boeta Rebeca Raquel View & Download
321 Evolution of Approaches to Investment and Financial Analysis of IT Projects Under Industry 4.0 E.A. Tkachenko1, E.M. Rogova, V.V. Klimov and S.D. Bodrunov View & Download
322 Proposal of a Financial Performance Index for AFORES, the Case of Mexico Arturo Morales Castro , Mtra. María del Rosario Higuera Torres , Mtro. Fernando Herrera Contreras and L. C. Gerardo Germán Vargas López View & Download
Paper No. Paper Title Author / Authors Download Link
404 Gender Equity in Corporate Boards: A Sustainability Goal for European Companies Francesca Gennari View & Download
408 Teaching Strategies in Management Education: Creating the Learning Environment with Smartphones Julia Milner, Trenton Milner and Sharleen O’Reilly View & Download
410 Measured Difference of Organizational Trust among Community College Employees Blair Rhodes Ellis View & Download
411 A Study on the Channel Preference in the Process of Accessing ‘Korean Wave’ Contents in China* Jia Shen and Myoung Suk Kim View & Download
412 Women in High-Level Executive IT Positions: How well are they Represented? Angelina I. T. Kiser, Vess Johnson and Leon Kappelman View & Download
414 Reflections and Insights on Leadership Competencies: Learning from Botswana HR Practitioners Motsomi Ndala Marobela View & Download
415 Research on the Relationship between Online Community Participation of ‘Korean Wave’ Contents and the Intention to Purchase Korean Products and Visit Korea Myoung Suk KIM, Young Eun Park and Ko Hye Young View & Download
416 Employment Discrimination: Have Federal Workplace Protections Been Successfully Extended for the LGBTQ Community? Elizabeth F. R. Gingerich View & Download
Paper No. Paper Title Author / Authors Download Link
503 Metaphor in E-Governance Branding- Emotions Mediating the Relationship between Attitude and Intention to Adopt E-Governance Services M. L. Singla and Apeksha View & Download
505 The Structure of Customer Experiential Values and Its Measurement Kosaku Morioka View & Download
506 Mechanism of Consumer Satisfaction of Products through Social Media Feedback Natsumi Mihara View & Download
507 Digital Music Delivery: Digital Downloads and Internet Streaming Alexis Koster View & Download
508 Growth of Mezcal Industry as Result of the Good Use of the Foreign Trades Hernandez Samperio Miguel Leonardo View & Download