Proceedings of 7th Global Business Research Conference

28th Apr, 2017 – 29th Apr, 2017

BIAM Foundation, 63 Eskaton, Dhaka, Bangladesh

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These proceedings are organised under the following tracks:

  • Accounting
  • Banking
  • Economics
  • Finance
  • Management
  • Marketing


Proceedings of 7th Global Business Research Conference

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Papers contained in these proceedings are refereed papers as they are double blind peer reviewed. The readers are advised to click on individual track names (say Management) and then select the paper by the paper number, title and or author (s). We have tried to minimize the errors but sole responsibility rests on the author(s) concerned. In some cases, we have provided "abstract" only as per instruction of the concerned author(s). We hope these papers would serve as the most valuable materials for business research only and no materials should be used or manipulated for any purpose other than purely academic research. We appreciate the contribution of the author(s) and our editorial staff who worked relentlessly to make the conference an outstanding success.

Paper No. Paper Title Author / Authors Download Link
101 Climate Change Disclosures in the Annual Reports: Evidence from the Listed Companies in Bangladesh Pappu Kumar Dey, Mohammad Nakib and Probal Dutta View & Download
102 Attitude towards Choosing Accounting as Major: A Study on Students of Bangladesh Rehana Fowzia View & Download
103 Use of Accounting Information in Management Decision in Banking Sector of Bangladesh Rehana Fowzia View & Download
Paper No. Paper Title Author / Authors Download Link
603 Impact of Introducing Biometric ATM cards for Banking Industry; Bangladesh Perspective Benazir Rahman and Shirin Akhtar View & Download
604 Roots of Non-Performing Loans (NPLs) in Islamic banks of Bangladesh: An Empirical Study Benazir Rahman and Nusrat Jahan View & Download
605 Effectiveness of Credit Risk Management and Its Impact on Financial Performance of Banks in Bangladesh: An Empirical Investigation Nusrat Jahan and Benazir Rahman View & Download
Paper No. Paper Title Author / Authors Download Link
204 Current Social Context and Status of Elderly Women of Rural Areas in Bangladesh: A Study of Gazipur District, Bangladesh Sanzida Easmin and Benazir Rahman View & Download
207 The Impact of Budget Deficit on Economic Growth: A Study on Bangladesh Fahmida Ahmad and Benazir Rahman View & Download
209 Factors Affecting the Savings Tendency of Population in the Context of Bangladesh Yeasmin Islam and Benazir Rahman View & Download
210 Does Gender Matter in Debt Financing? Evidence from the Manufacturing SMEs in Bangladesh Md Mohan Uddin, Abul Bashar Bhuiyan, Khandoker, Mahmudur Rahman and Kawsar Ahmmed View & Download
211 Universal Health Coverage for the Poor in Southwest Coastal Region of Bangladesh and Linkage between Ethics and Economics of Responsibility Md. Hafiz Iqbal View & Download
214 Tax Performance in Bangladesh: A Study in the Context of Post Vat Era Mohammad Faridul Alam, Niaz Mohammad and Rashedul Hasan View & Download
215 Political Instability and Inflation in Selected Developing Countries: A Panel Data Analysis Nabila Maruf, Farzana Alamgir and Modjgan Alishahi View & Download
216 Relationship between Foreign Direct Investment (FDI), Official Development Assistance (ODA) & Political Sensitivity: Evidence from Bangladesh Tanushka Mumtahina Billah View & Download
218 Impacts of Land Transformation from Crop Farms to Shrimp Ponds in the Southwest Coastal Region of Bangladesh: Application of Chow Test Method Md. Hafiz Iqbal and Sayed Rafiqul Hasan Milon View & Download
219 The Optimum Level of Income Inequality Syed Yusuf Saadat View & Download
220 An Analysis of the Relationship between Aggregate and Disaggregate Energy with Socio-Economic Development of Bangladesh Sakib B. Amin and Umme Marzana View & Download
221 An Empirical Investigation of the Effects of Globalization on the Energy Sector: Evidence from Bangladesh Sakib B. Amin, Muntasir Murshed and Fatema Tul Jannat View & Download
222 An Empirical Investigation to Exchange Rate Overshooting: Insights from Bangladesh Sakib B. Amin, Muntasir Murshed and Maayesha Tasneem Chowdhury View & Download
223 An Empirical Analysis of Causality between Inflation, Budget Deficit and Money Supply: The Case of Bangladesh Sakib B. Amin, Muntasir Murshed and Meem Hasin Chadni View & Download
224 An Empirical Investigation of Foreign Aid and Real Exchange Rate Movements: A Cross-Country Examination for four SAARC Countries Sakib B. Amin and Muntasir Murshed View & Download
225 Financial Development and Energy Consumption Nexus in Bangladesh: An Empirical Study Sakib B. Amin and Rajib Mahmood View & Download
226 Can Toursim Growth Have an Impact on Environment in Bangladesh Economy? An Empirical Analysis Sakib B. Amin and Tauhid Irteza Ali View & Download
227 Electricity Generation, Output, Trade Openness & Foreign Direct Investment Nexus in Bangladesh: An Empirical Analysis Sakib B. Amin and Ayesha Tasnim View & Download
228 Causal Relationship between Current Account Deficit and Foreign Direct Investment: An Empirical Analysis of Bangladesh Sakib B. Amin and Bushra Humaira Sadaf View & Download
229 An RBC Analysis of Energy Price Impact on Firm Level Employment: The Case of Bangladesh Sakib B. Amin and Masroora Tabassum View & Download
230 The Prospects of Coal as an Alternative Environmental Friendly Fuel to Mitigate Energy Crisis in Bangladesh Economy Sakib B. Amin and Nadiul Islam View & Download
231 An Empirical Relationship between Trade Liberalisation and Electricity Consumption in Bangladesh Sakib B. Amin and Priyanka Mallick Proma View & Download
232 The Relationship between Oil Consumption and Economic Growth in Bangladesh: An Empirical Analysis Sakib B. Amin, Saanjaana Rahman and Farhan Khan View & Download
233 Foreign Direct Investment, Trade Openness and Economic Growth in the Presence of Macroeconomic Stability: Empirical Evidence from Bangladesh Sakib B. Amin and Samiyah Haque View & Download
234 An Empirical Investigation between Foreign Aid and Fertility Rate in Bangladesh Sakib B. Amin, Shahtaj Mahmud and Maaesha Nuzhat Nazmul View & Download
243 Outbound Tourism at Thailand from Bangladesh: An Empirical Evidence Muhammad Mahboob Ali View & Download
244 A Case Study of Six Sigma Define-Measure-Analyze-Improve-Control (DMAIC) Methodology in Garment Sector Abdur Rahman, Salaha Uddin Chowdhury Shaju, Sharan Kumar Sarkar, Mohammad Zahed Hashem, S. M. Kamrul Hasan, Ranzit Mandal and Umainul Islam View & Download
Paper No. Paper Title Author / Authors Download Link
303 A Relationship Between Macroeconomic Variables And Stock Market Index in Asian Countries Shamsul Alam View & Download
304 Prospects of Corporate Bond Market in Bangladesh Afia Akter, Rabiul hasan Himo and Abu Bakkar Siddik View & Download
Paper No. Paper Title Author / Authors Download Link
402 Exploratory Analysis of Prescription Drug Advertising: Strategy Tools Employed in Print Advertisements in Magazines Satya P. Chattopadhyay View & Download
404 The Impact of Parental Education on Academic Performance in English of their Children: An Empirical Study Md. Abdur Rashid View & Download
405 Does The Cultural Environment Matter? The Case of Integrated Reporting and Islam Lorenzo Gelmini View & Download
406 Factors Affecting the Effective Management of Web based Service: A Study on the Banking Industry of Bangladesh Surajit Sarbabidya View & Download
407 Selection of Suppliers of Alternative Fuels Using MCDM Techniques: The Case of a Cement Industry Md. Sahab Uddin, Sayed Rezwanul Islam and Sajib Kumar Sikder View & Download
409 Entrepreneurship Ecosystem Affecting Youth Leadership in Bangladesh Iftekhar Ul Karim View & Download
410 Effect of the Educational Compatibility with the Current Employment on Job Satisfaction of the Employees in Bangladesh: Application of Structural Equation Modeling Nigar Sultana, Md. MahediHasan and Mohammad Tauhidul Islam View & Download
411 Recruitment and Selection Practice through Outsourcing Firm: A Cost Saving Approach Maksuda Hossain View & Download
413 Gaining Competitive Advantage through Corporate Social Responsibility: Case Study on Bangladeshi Telecommunication Sector Meherun Nesa View & Download
415 Personnel Management To Human Resource Management (HRM): How HRM Functions? Taslim Ahammad View & Download
416 Quality in Teaching-Learning Strategies: The Case Study of Khulna and Uttara Universities of Bangladesh Muhammad Mahboob Ali, Anita Medhekar and Vichayanan Rattanawiboonsom View & Download
Paper No. Paper Title Author / Authors Download Link
506 A Relational Study on Customer Satisfaction, Loyalty, Switching Cost & Word of Mouth: A Study of Islamic Bank in Bangladesh Mihir Kumar Roy and Ratna Akter View & Download
507 Impact of Integrated Marketing on the Business Growth of Mobile Telecom Industry: An Empirical Study from Bangladesh Perspectives Surajit Sarbabidya View & Download
508 Customer Satisfaction with Branded Motorcycle: a Developing country’s Context Kawsar Ahmmed, Khandoker Mahmudur Rahman, Mohan Uddin and Al-Amin View & Download
509 Identifying the Structure of Consumer Perception of Fast Food: An Exploratory Analysis Khandoker Mahmudur Rahman, Kawsar Ahmmed and Md Mohan Uddin View & Download
510 Influence of Social Marketing on Public Health: Evidence from Contraceptive Programs in Bangladesh Zarin Zeba Khan, Shadman Shakib and Nahiyan Azhar View & Download
511 EOL Management for Consumer Electronics in Bangladesh: with Special Focus on Television Hafiza Sultana, HabibaJannatun Shirin and Muslima Zahan View & Download
512 Factor towards Intention to Use Mobile Information Services among Young Users: A Comparative Cross-Country Study Qazi Mahdia Ghyas and Fumiyo N. Kondo View & Download
514 Declining Customer Satisfaction of Tourism and Hospitality Sector in Bangladesh: Findings and Solutions Zainal Abedin and Mohammod Naymur Rahman View & Download