Proceedings of 7th European Business Research Conference

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Proceedings of 7th European Business Research Conference

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Paper No. Paper Title Author / Authors Download Link
101 Antecedents of Environmental Disclosure in Indonesian Manufacturing Companies Paskah Ika Nugroho and Djie Livanny Adjie Tehananda View & Download
103 The Admissibility and Relevance of Evidence in Forensic Accounting Investigations K Joubert, WR Uys, C Wright and MA Germishuyse View & Download
105 Family Business Philanthropy: A Tax Strategy Rita Grant, Gloria La Course and Sydney Ecker View & Download
108 Abnormal Audit Fees and Accrual-Based and Real-Based Earnings Management: Evidence from UK FTSE 350 around the Credit Crisis Mohammad Alhadab View & Download
112 Accounting Models for the Management of Public Resources in a Spending Review Context Masi Anita View & Download
113 The Willingness to Report Errors in Audit Firms Marco Haid and Sabine Graschitz View & Download
115 A Survey of Scholars Aiming to Teach Accounting Disciplines at the Highest Italian University Levels Tiziana De Cristofaro and Carmela Gulluscio View & Download
Paper No. Paper Title Author / Authors Download Link
603 Market Competition and Liqudity Risk: Comparison between Conventional and Islamic Banks Nur Aida Bt Jusoh, Aisyah Abdul-Rahman and Nafisah Mohammed View & Download
Paper No. Paper Title Author / Authors Download Link
202 Monetary Policy at the Zero Lower Bound Warren Matthews, Robert Driver and Ken Gerhart View & Download
203 Humanity in Perpetual Suppression and the Maze of Waste in the U.S. Federal Bureaucracy Mario E. Delgado, María I. Méndez, Bahaudin G. Mujtaba and Pedro F. Pellet View & Download
212 Asymmetric Causal Effects of Economic Policy Uncertainties on Asian-Pacific Stock Markets Melik Kamışlı, Serap Kamışlı and Mustafa Özer View & Download
217 Assessment of Emerging Countries in terms of Health Indicators Nuray Tezcan View & Download
218 The Gambling Sector and Its Social Costs: A Socio-Economic Analysis of the Italian Situation Talamo Giuseppina and Manueguerra Giovanni View & Download
219 Foreign Expansion of Polish Companies Dorota Ciesielska View & Download
Paper No. Paper Title Author / Authors Download Link
View & Download
304 Financial Decisions without Net Present Value: The Delphi Method and Scenario Writing/Planning Ken Gërhart and Warren Matthews View & Download
305 Incorporating Data Analytics in to Technology Acceptance Model to Conduct User Purchase Forecasting for Smart TV ChihHsuan (Jason) Wang View & Download
308 Short-term Trading Obstacles – Polish Traders’ Experiences Piotr Dąbrowski View & Download
311 The Effectiveness of Internal Corporate Governance Mechanisms and Ownership Structure in Constraining Creative Accounting in Jordan Alqudah, A and Marnet, O View & Download
312A Application of the Generalized Linear Models in Actuarial Framework Murwan H. M. A. Siddig View & Download
312B Flowgraph Models and Analysis for Markov Jump Processes Muhammad Fikri Budiana and Murwan H. M. A. Siddig View & Download
313 #Bitcoin Vs #Blockchain: The Role of Trust in Disrupting Financial Services Pierangelo Rosati, Binesh Nair and Theodore Lynn View & Download
315 Venture Capital in Germany and the United Kingdom: A Focus on Life Sciences Industry Aurelio J. F. Vincenti and Sabit Delić View & Download
316 Sustainable Management of Insurance Business and the Role of Integrated Risk Management CHANG, Dong-Han View & Download
317 US Healthcare Costs and the Effect on Spendable Earnings Post Implementation of the Affordable Care Act Kirk Douglas Johnson View & Download
318 Do Volatility Spillovers among G7 Stock Markets Symmetric or Asymmetric? Mustafa Özer, Serap Kamışlı and Melik Kamışlı View & Download
320 Insights from Corporate Cash Holdings in Emerging Markets Guler Aras and Ozlem Kutlu Furtuna View & Download
321 Financial Market Efficiency: Empirical Evidence from United Arab Emirates Financial Markets Marwan Al-Nahleh View & Download
323 Computation of Second Order Price Sensitivities in Depressed Markets Youssef El-Khatib and Abdulnasser Hatemi-J View & Download
327 Size and Value Anomalies in European Bank Stocks Ottorino Morresi, Barbara Fidanza and Alberto Pezzi View & Download
Paper No. Paper Title Author / Authors Download Link
401 Modelling the Relationships among Perceived Value, Service Quality, Tourist Satisfaction and Destination Loyalty: A Case Study of Malaysia Mahadzirah Mohamad, Nur Izzati Ab Ghani, Zainudin Awang and Mutia Sobihah Abd Halim View & Download
403 The Third Vote Experiment: VAA-Based Election to Enhance Policy Representation of the KIT Student Parliament Andranik S. Tangian View & Download
404 Service Quality in a Vocational Education Institution in Australia: An Empirical Investigation of the ‘Integrated-Process Model of Service Quality, Institutional Brand and Behavioural Intentions’ Al Sadat Ahmed, Parves Sultan, Naiyara Keyasi and John Koukoulis View & Download
409 Implementing Learning Organisation: from Theory to Practice Vittorio D'Amato, Francesca Macchi and Elena Tosca View & Download
410 The Effect of Organizational Justice of Job Satisfaction and Organizational Commitment Ebru ÖZER and Rukiye Sonmez View & Download
411 Talent Management Intervention: Talent Catalyst to Beef-Up the Organizational Performance in Public Sectors in UAE Hessa Al jawalli and Arunprasad View & Download
415 How to Drive Digital Transformation: 7i’s of Marketing Methodology & Workflow System John Kostak View & Download
418 How Does Extra-Role Behavior Affect Business? The Effects of Chefs’ Social Activities on External Evaluation and Restaurant Performance Taeyoung Yoo and Jaewan Yang View & Download
419 The Moderating Effect of Individual Affectivity on the Relationships between Commitment-Based HR Practices Perceptions and Pro-social Behaviors Jaewan Yang and Taeyoung Yoo View & Download
421 Using Conjoint Analysis to Estimate High School Student’s Preferences for Selecting a College Saad Shahid View & Download
424 Exploring Motivation of Human Capital: Extrinsic and Intrinsic Influences on Organisational Behaviour Sana Usmani and Amir M. Sharif View & Download
425 Development and Competition in On-line Tourist Distribution Elena Livi View & Download
426 The Relationship between Nonresponse-Response to Competitive Moves and Types of Effective Competitive Moves Rukiye SÖNMEZ and Ebru ÖZER View & Download
429 Engagement in Health Care Research Partnerships: Opinion Leadership in Ghana Carole South-Winter View & Download
430 The Social Dimension of Businesses between CSR and Social Innovation Paolo Popoli View & Download
431 Innovation Efficiency Investment in BsC John-Erik Andreassen and Victor Serbin View & Download
432 The Role of Organisational Culture in the Relationship between SHRM and Performance: Systematic Review Bander Alrebeay, Nicholas Clarke and Guy Vernon View & Download
433 Content Analysis of Sustainability Reports: A Practice in Turkey Zeynep Şahin, Fikret Çankaya and Züleyha Yılmaz View & Download
434 Reconsidering Piracy in the Movie Industry: The Consumer Attitude towards Non Mainstream Films Francesca Faggioni and Alberto Pezzi View & Download
436 Time Roles in a New Approach Edit Sule View & Download
Paper No. Paper Title Author / Authors Download Link
415 How to Drive Digital Transformation: 7i’s of Marketing Methodology & Workflow System John Kostak View & Download
501 Attitudes Towards The E-Shopping for Ready-Made clothing in Saudi Arabia: An Analytical Study of Yanbu Governorate Dania Ahmad Alzahrani and Maha Abdullah al-Dabbagh View & Download
505 The Implementation of Alternative Marketing Strategies and Their Impact on Five Stars Hotels Performance in The Capital, Amman in The Light of Arab Region Crisis Marzouq Ayed Al-Q-eed View & Download
506 Consumer Perceived Corporate Ethicality Impact on Retail Store Loyalty Vilte Auruskeviciene, Vida Skudiene and James Reardon View & Download
508 Sense Effects about Wine Consumption by Means of Self-Reports and Neuromarketing Methods Maurizio Mauri, Luca Petruzzellis, Alberto Pezzi, Marco Chiappa, Andrea Ciceri and Vincenzo Russo View & Download
510 The Effect of Materialistic Tendencies on Hedonic and Utilitarian Shopping Value: A Case Study in Turkey Ibrahim Arısal View & Download