Proceedings of 39th International Business Research Conference

15th Dec, 2016 – 16th Dec, 2016

Shinjuku Washington Hotel, Tokyo, Japan

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These proceedings are organised under the following tracks:

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Proceedings of 39th International Business Research Conference

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Papers contained in these proceedings are refereed papers as they are double blind peer reviewed. The readers are advised to click on individual track names (say Management) and then select the paper by the paper number, title and or author (s). We have tried to minimize the errors but sole responsibility rests on the author(s) concerned. In some cases, we have provided "abstract" only as per instruction of the concerned author(s). We hope these papers would serve as the most valuable materials for business research only and no materials should be used or manipulated for any purpose other than purely academic research. We appreciate the contribution of the author(s) and our editorial staff who worked relentlessly to make the conference an outstanding success.

Paper No. Paper Title Author / Authors Download Link
102 The Transformation of Chartered Accountants as Strategy Practitioners Lindie Grebe View & Download
103 Environmental Management Accounting: Efficient Use of Paper, Electricity and Water on Local Enviromental Department, Bondowoso Regency, Indonesia Andriana and Widiarto View & Download
Paper No. Paper Title Author / Authors Download Link
602 Bank of Thailand in Financial Institutions Regulation Ratchaphon Amsuk View & Download
Paper No. Paper Title Author / Authors Download Link
204 The Influence of The Government Budget Allocation to the Cases of Malnutrition in East Java Province, Indonesia Farida Wahyu Ningtyas and Taufik Kurrohman View & Download
212 Empirical Investigation of Internal and External shocks to The Egyptian Economy (2003-2015) Dina M. Bakr and Ahmed El Samman View & Download
216 Comparative Economic Performance Analysis of China and the U.S.A. Alhassan Ndekugri View & Download
217 Research on Hierarchy and Mechanism of Monetary Circulation in Modern China (ca. 1867-1935) Hongzhong Yan and Chen Xu View & Download
219 Implementation of E-Government Initiatives and Transformation of Government Policies and Processes: Lessons from India’s Tax Payers’ Internet Portal D P Goyal View & Download
Paper No. Paper Title Author / Authors Download Link
301 The Relationship between Stock Price and Macroeconomic Variables in Japan Yuichiro Okawa and Poomthan Rangkakulnuwat View & Download
302 Calibrating Option Overlay Strategies Jivendra K. Kale View & Download
303 Determinant of Fraudulent in Government (Financial Perspective): Study Case in Situbondo Regency, East Java, Indonesia Taufik Kurrohman, Afidatul Lailiyah and Nining Ika Wahyuni View & Download
304 The Effect of Natural Disasters on Reinsurance Stock Market Tarah Bouaricha View & Download
306 Value Relevance of Intellectual Capital Disclosure in the Malaysian IPO Prospectus – From the Perspectives of IPO Preparers Shaw Warn Too View & Download
307 The Role of Venture Capitalists in the Going-Public Process Ruei-Shian Wu, Huai-Chun Lo and Ruei-Yu Wu View & Download
309 Blended versus Face-to-Face: Evidence from Graduate Finance Class Maretno Agus Harjoto View & Download
Paper No. Paper Title Author / Authors Download Link
401 Predicting User Perceived Information Quality on Investment-Related Social Media Hsuanwei Michelle Chen View & Download
403 Explaining Job Engagement and Job Satisfaction Dimensions of Sport Facility Employees Huseyin Kose and Izzet Kirkaya View & Download
409 The Imperative Role for Building Co-Relational Capability for Internationalisation Meena Chavan View & Download
411 Knowledge Sharing in MNCs: The Role of Inpatriate Assignments Torsten M. Kühlmann View & Download
416 A Novel Approach of Serious Play to Strengthen Coping Flexibility in Hong Kong Employees: A Longitudinal Study Cecilia Cheng View & Download
417 Digital Economy with Community Enterprise in Active Citizen: Case of Thailand Suppanunta Romprasert View & Download
418 Information Technology Outsourcing Reasons in Aviation Industry Nuray Tokgoz and Dilek Erdogan View & Download
420 Bibliometric Profile of Dissertations in Turkey on Management and Organization in Tourism Arzu Turan View & Download
421 Malfunction in Multicultural Organizations Doaa A. Zaher View & Download
422 Analysis of Revenue Sharing in Mobile Application Market using Game Theoretic Model Minhyuk Sur, Deok-Joo Lee and Kyung-Taek Kim View & Download
Paper No. Paper Title Author / Authors Download Link
502 New Phenomenon in Retail Internationalization Chonnikarn Luangpituksa View & Download
503 Consumers’ Emotional Labor and Customer Relationship Establishment from an Interpersonal Reciprocal Perspective Kang-Ning Xia View & Download
505 The Influence of Cross-Cultural Endorsers, Degree of Nudity and Advertising Appeals on Advertising Effectiveness: Moderated by Consumers’ Sexual Orientation Yu-Tse Lin and Chung Hsiao-Hsien View & Download
Paper No. Paper Title Author / Authors Download Link
701 Model of Private Higher Education Competitive Advantage Strategy Arnis Budi Susanto View & Download